Ingredients Of A Killer Website

Oftentimes we have seen resourceful people writing amazing articles. However, they lack in something very important to attract attention: presentation. You cannot judge a book entirely by its cover, but if the cover is shabby, you wouldn’t even care to have a look, would you? The same applies to a website as well.

This article considers great content as a pre-requisite of a website and hence discusses only the “look and feel” aspect. Here are 5 points that we think are a great way to start. By the way, by website, this article means a weblog, more popularly known as a blog.

1.      Use The Right Software

Software such as WordPress are free and are extremely easy to use. They have a host of features that benefit a newbie and an experienced user alike. How, you may ask.

If you speak to experienced wordpress bloggers, they might go on and on about how they started off with WordPress, and how easy it was. However, the fact that they are still using WordPress blogs gives you an idea that WordPress has features for experienced users as well. For instance, you can take a theme and play around with it, if you are an experienced scripting person. WordPress is just an example and there are other applications similar to it; the best way is to ask your friend…Google!

2.      The Power of Hyperlinks.

It may be a good idea to provide hyperlinks within one of your articles, to a related item in another article in your website. Software such as WordPress gives you some good features for this. This will provide a chance for your reader to know about a varied list of topics; a nice way to also flaunt your knowledge, isn’t it?!

You may also think about linking articles from your other websites. However, before you do it, please learn the principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as sites such as Google have penalty clauses lined up, if they find that your website violates some of its rules, even if it does so inadvertently.

3.      RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication, is a phenomenon that may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but it has caught up very rapidly and every website has one these days. Do you want to miss the race?

I, for one, have been immensely benefited by RSS, as my reader base grew significantly after I started having an RSS feed link in my website. It is extremely simple. Use software such as WordPress and choose themes that have RSS feed in them. That is all!

4.      Bringing Back Your Valuable Visitor

The internet in general and the blogosphere in specific, has zillions of websites and blogs and so it is very easy for someone to have visited your website and is unable to come back to it. Making a visitor come back to your site is but an art, but luckily there are some tools that lend you a helping hand.

If you are obsessed with SEO, you will need to do a lot of homework to do both onsite and offsite SEO and the effort needed to doing it correctly might put you off, if you have just begun. However, if you have the energy or if you are already at it, then this is arguably the most straightforward and long-lasting techniques to expand your reader base.

There are some great software in the market that let your website’s visitor come back frequently, for instance, Aweber. Some of these are not free but you do have free software in the market as well. The technique that they adopt is simple: ask your reader their e-mail ID on your behalf and provide you help to follow up your visitors with periodic updates delivered directly to their email addresses. Suddenly, there is a one-to-one correspondence between yourself and your reader. This is an amazingly powerful tool, which when used correctly, could arm you to realize your dream.

5.      Did You Plug In That Plug-in?

There are scores of free plug-ins available to be used in the blogosphere and some of them are extremely useful. You should use them if you want to maximize the reach of your websites and at the same time take absolute control of it.

There are plug-ins such as the serious ones that provide SEO support, and also some of the casual ones that add music to your site. The best and the easiest way is to install your basic software such as wordpress and let it do the rest for you.

Beware, installing plug-ins could be addictive, as there are hundreds of free plug-ins available and if you install each and every on of it, it could cost you space and it could also do more harm than good.

6.      The Unsolicited Problem

Spamming is by far the most alarming menace that is creating significant (read tremendous!) damage to various pockets of the internet world. It is considered to be a black-hat technique (another term of illegal) but nowadays, people have started using plug-ins so widely that some people spam even without their knowledge.

There are some powerful plug-ins that let you have a greater control on spamming. These plug-ins actually ‘catch’ comments to your website that they think are ‘spam’, but lets you decide what to do with it; a brilliant way to give you control of your website.

Disclaimer: This article only aims at providing general tips and cannot replace professional advice. You are urged to seek professional help before making your choice.

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